PK Redondo 93 Type C Help


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Tried to string my Redondo last night and failed! I have a couple of questions:
1- What is the correct pattern? (The PK website has different info than the TW site.)
2- I was having trouble on the last 4 crosses. With the tight pattern and such do you guys use wax? If so, what do you use.

Any tips would be appreciated.


The correct pattern is the one from TW. I just string the last four crosses regularly, using the tips in the my stringing the last cross thread for the last cross. It just takes a bit longer for those crosses.


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Just to follow up, I tried stringing the Redondo again last night. To be honest, I had a heck of a time. Despite numerous waxings, I had a lot of trouble pulling the crosses. The string (Klip Armor Pro 17g) seemed to rub the heck out of itself. In one spot the string delaminated. I can only think of a couple of possible causes;
1- I am doing something wrong.
2- Something in the grommets are too tight.
3- Something wrong with the string. (It felt smooth when I was measuring it, but after a few pulls, it felt rough.)

Any suggestions? Thoughts?