Place "Find Member" where it will be seen on first screen.

Chas Tennis

Several times I wanted to find a forum member.

I clicked "Members" above on the Forum webpage.

A screen appeared and showed the most Bionic Posters, those with the most posts. I'm not interested in that. I could not see anywhere to enter a search for a TT poster. I did this many times.

How could this be that the main purpose for nearly all users after clicking Members is not on the page and there is no link leading to "Find Members".

Finally, on one occasion I scrolled down the long list of Bionic Posters and at the bottom of the page was the most useful box for "Find Members", hidden there after all.

Request that a "Find Members" box appear after clicking "Members". List of Bionic Posters be given lesser priority.
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TW Staff

Chas Tennis,

What platform are you using? On my laptop, it appears at the top right hand side when you click "Members."

Brittany, TW

Chas Tennis

HP Pavillion 7i laptop (2012), Windows 10, Firefox 46.0.1

I just now changed my laptop screen size with mouse touchpad and now the Member Search box appears on the upper right as you describe.

If I am reading a thread in the Tennis Tips forum with the screen size I like and click Members it goes to the Members page. The font for the Bionic Posters is larger and the Member Search Box drops to the bottom of the page out of view. Once I have my screen size adjusted I don't seem to have to adjust it very often between the TT forums or internet sites. I always know somehow when something is missing because of screen size. ?

Do the TT forums all have one possible column but the Members webpage has two?
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