Planning to design own clothes, what blank clothes should I buy?

So I'm not paying $25 for a shirt from Nike (I'm a member of the Cheap Player's Club.) I'm going to design my own clothes for blank whites. If I go to my local wal-mart, is it ok to buy some larger undershirts and use them? Also, can I just use some sharpie on it? Regular marker? What do I need to design my own shirts?


It should have been mandatory to post your age within your thread.

If you're under the age of 15 then proceed with this:

Sharpies really aren't going to be a good tool for the job. Design something on a computer, take it to your local t-shirt shop and see if they can do a silkscreen and have them iron it on your shirt of choice.

If you're over 15:

Put the D&D toys down, get a job, move out of your parents basement, finish school so you can afford some decent breathable shirts for tennis.

albino smurf

You have actually uncovered Nike's trade secret. They do everything with sharpies and Walmart t-shirts. You better go on the run before they track you down and have you killed.

Mad iX

There are laundry markers which are designed for clothes.
Why not try cafepress or something.

Steve F.

...Back away from the Sharpie now

Poly tees and crews breathe so much better I always wonder why anyone wears cotton.

That said, try silkscreening on a poly cotton blend, that's basically what Federer is wearing in all his practice court hits these days.

Sharpies, well...they can get scary, and quick. Case in point.

(Thanks to LafayetteHitter in this thread.)

...and to Tom, if I recall correctly that would be dice, not toys. ;)
Can't you get those hans tshirts for like 3 for 5 dollars, then print out a nike logo and iron it onto the shirt? ... I may have to do that sometimes : )