Play Of The Week - declining?


Who else here thinks that the ATP are selecting really rubbish points at the play of the week nowadays?

there used to be some really cool shots and some really quality rallies, and now it just seems that any rally gets on there.

any idea what this is about?

Matty G

Yea i really have to age. With the quality of players aroung today ther shuld be some really good points!

Jonny S&V

Hall of Fame
Definitely. Did anyone see the one with Igor Kunitsyn? He hit a routine volley and they're ooing and ahhing over it...


Yeah, I think there are limitations due to broadcast rights. Or perhaps events sponspored by Mercedes-Benz. Stupid.
Yea man, nowadays there soo lame. Just look at all of this months. 2 overheads, a drop volley, & a lob! None of them were amazing shots. I know theres surely better shots than those.

West Coast Ace

This month's were bad. Sad that they can't work something out to use the USO and other events - even Gordon Gekko would say this is greed out of control. But that's our USTA - looking out for the kids!


Murray and Federer can make more great plays in one return game than an entire month of ATP's "Play of the Week".


agreed, there haven't been too many spectacular plays for a while - the last two were jokes with the drop volley from simon and behind the back from tursunov. but i guess the atp has to add variety into the selection, or else most of us would be stuck with reels of federer backhands or nadal passing shots.