Played my first round of 9 ever (GOLF)


Yesterday, I played my first ever round of golf (9 holes).
I have gone to the driving range 3 times in the last 2 weeks to practice.
I played yesterday with a friend's right handed clubs (I am a lefty) and shot a 54 on 9 holes.
The goal I set for myself was to not shoot over a 6 on any hole. I shot a 7 on the first 2 and then never went over a 6 on any of the remaining 7.

My friends all laughed when I said "6" was my goal on every hole, they thought I would be around 10-11...

I am not saying that I am going to be the next Tiger Woods or even a "decent" golfer, but wans't that a pretty good round of golf for a guy on his first time ever on a golf course?

I played with 4 other friends, and was 1o strokes behind the over-all leader...

I could not really get a lot of feedback from my friends because I think they were a little upset that I did not completetly suck....

They are used to me screwing around with them on the tennis court and they have been talking about how nice it will be to watch me "not be the best" and struggle on the Golf course..

Golf did I do? I did not hit with a lot of length, but I consistently hit the ball straight, and putted decently...I think I would play better with some lefty clubs.

don knot

I am not a golf expert at all, but do enjoy playing and have played a lot in the last 5 years.

Shooting a 54 on your first ever 9 holes of a golf course is really high quality.
I imagine your game needs some refining, in the stroke department, but the score is very, very good.
Golf is a tough game and I can't even imagine what my first score on 9 was. Probably in the high 90's.


I appreciate that.
Golf is not something I could see myself playing on a regular basis. I just want to be good enough to hack around for business purposes or with friends like yesterday...
IMO it's just not fun enough to put 1/2 as much time into it as I did with my tennis.
The scenery on the course is the best thing about the sport.


Nice! On my first ever round I shot a 102 on a par 71, so i'm guessing you'd of done something similar if you'd of played the back 9 :)

I got my handicap down to 12 in the first year, which might give you an idea of what to try and aim for when you consider we started at a similar level.

Have fun!


You are right to set a target of 6. If you play most courses never using more than a six iron that sort of target is feasible and you will get a good sense of how to play golf and manage your game.

Fena 14 -- did you once say that you spent a year at Equelite? I am going for one week next Sunday. Do you have any advice for me?



54 is really good for 9 holes. I did 80 something my first time out- basically with no lessons and just hitting on a driving range a couple times prior to that. After that I promptly quit after I realized, to get better would require a lot of time, practice, lessons for something I found expensive and boring:)