Player withdrawals from the Australian Open


hope everyone gets better ASAP. I was looking forward to seeing Nalby and Nishikori play. Does anyone know what's going on with Ancic btw?


??? 16 people lost in the last rd of qualies. Didnt all 16 have a shot to get the LL spot??

The Lucky Loser is the highest ranked person to lose in the final round of qualifying.

damn it!Yes!16!lol it's between the 16 people who lost in the final round of qualifying.And it's RANDOM.They recently changed the rule so players wouldn't tank.That's why Ilhan got in,even though he wasn't the highest ranked.

Now that the OOP has been released,the withdrawals will be replaced directly with LLs up until the match time,and there is no seeds shifting around.(like what happened with Ferrer and Isner)