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    Feb 18, 2006
    just my thoughts on this topic, there seems to be an ongoing debate. So a players rackets is a 12oz+ heavy, small headed ,95sq inch or less head, flexible and low powered racket? Oh, and requires a high skill level to operate it? Well, this sound to me like the racket spec of pretty much most graphite rackets before probably about 1990. Are we not just talking here about a certain stage of history in the development of rackets?
    so then did we reached the pinacle of tennis rackets development 20 years ago? Sure there are some classic rackets that are still around, just like classic cars but things have moved on.
    Lets look at the top professionals (who i assume are the "players" theses rackets take there name from) and what they use. There are alot of 98 to 100inch heads on tour ie pd's, prestiege 98's, 03' to name but a few and i would say these rackets refelct the demands of modern tennis. Surley the areopro drive and pd etc are the new generation of "players rackets" that can produce the goods when it comes to modern tennis. Even on the tour 90-93" heads are becomming less and less common. Hard hitting players can use more powerful rackets now with new developments like luxilon strings and still have contol.
    Im not knocking players rackets, it's a very satisfying feeling to use one well but why not embrace theses new style of rackets for what they are (IMO a reflection of modern tennis)

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