Player's racquets FS: Head, Wilson, Prince, Volkl

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    Mar 2, 2004
    I have four player's racquets for sale, all excellent condition and with 4 1/2 (#4) grips:

    1.) Wilson nCode 6.1 95, 16x18 string pattern, 4 1/2 (#4) grip, strung with Prince Original Synthetic Gut 17g @ 59m/57c, condition 9/10; light wear to the bumper and one very light rub at the top of the frame. This racquet was only used for practice hitting and a few sets and is only a few months old. $110.00 shipped (US)

    2.) Head Flexpoint Radical Midplus (98si), 4 1/2 (#4) grip, strung with Babolat X-Cel Premium 16 mains and Gamma Revelation 16 crosses @ 57lbs. condition 9/10; similar condition to the Wilson listed above, I can't find any marks on the frame. Original cover included. $95 shipped (US)

    3.) Prince O3 Tour Midplus (100si), 4 1/2 (#4) grip, strung with Tecnifibre NRG2 16g @ 58lbs. condition 9.5+/10 (actually better, this racquet was hit with ONCE). I'll take $125 shipped...

    4.) Volkl DNX 9, 4 1/2 (#4) grip, strung with Volkl Power Fiber II 16g @ 54lbs. condition 9/10, light wear to the bumper and one small paint chip at 11 o'clock on the frame that was actually there when I bought the racquet new. No other marks on the frame. Cover included. $115 shipped (US)

    E-mail to: Gotta make room for new Donnay's...

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