Players that earned the most in a season

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Everyone is missing the real highlight of this statistic. Federer 2015 is not on this list. He earned more in 2017 than 2015, and that's adjusted for inflation.

Lewtwo has given FedFans an unexpected weapon - whenever he next says Federer peaked in 2015, you can show him this statistic.


Lew backs up his views with statistics and expert’s analysis. Is all you can offer are insults? Troll.

actually you are the troll here.
it is very obvious for a lot of people here that @Lew II statistics is in fact cheery picking that either satisfies one of the two criteria and is published, or is being thrown in the garbage bin:
1. does this cherry picking glorifies Djokovic
2. does this cherry picking demotes Federer

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What it tells us