Players who never got off the ground


I've been thinking about this thread for a while and what to name it, and this may still be wrong. But I was wondering who people think are players who could have acheived, but never got the chance because of injury, illness or some other personal reason.

I'm not talking about the like of Connolly or Seles...who had storied careers even though tragedy struck. Austin would be more fitting as she didn't have a full career but she still acheived.

I'm talking about players who we thought to have promise but never got the chance for reasons outside of their control.

For example...

Tatiana Golovin- young French player with solid shots, her forehand at the time she was active was one of the stronger ones on the tour, she was a good player. She made the US Open QF at the age of 18 defeating a young Radwanska, Petrova and Chakvetadze before losing to Sharapova in 2 tiebreaks. Reached a career high of number 12, and won the mixed doubles at the French with Gasquet at the age of 16 in 2004. In 2008 she was diagnosed with a chronic back problem and forced from the game....she showed a lot of promise and then her body got in the way.

Any others that something like this applies to.


Brian Baker comes to mind right away......dude has been an orthopedist's dream with all the surgeries

Christian Harrison showed more promise than his bro but has had a string of issues with a possible cancer scare and again surgeries the last 2 yrs.

Tomas Muster also did have a very good career but who knows how great it could have been without the knee injury. He could have dominated much earlier.


Tommy Haas. 'Nuff said.
Tommy haas is an interesting case for this discussion. He certainly had a lot of injury and health issues throughout his career. In fact it's a testament to his sheer willpower that he played as long as he has. He still got to number 2 in the world, won what, 15 titles? A silver medal.....several SF and QF. But at the same time his body hurt him several times and that illness took away a lot from him. He might be one of the stronger players to actually fit into what I imagined this discussion to be.