Players with most Centre Court matches while outside Top 10?


Pretty frank, what players largely outside the Top 10 have played a significant amount of Centre Court matches based on their opponent or some deep runs while being inconsistently ranked?

It could be a guy like Wawrinka or Agut who always seemed to be facing top five players on route in Slams. However they themselves got into the Top 10 in a lot of their notable streaks.

Monfils therefore floats to the seemingly top end having been just inside YE Top 10 on two occasions and between 11-20 in 6 other seasons while constantly a crowd pleaser.

To be sure, I am looking at both Slams and overall metric. Monfils made 17 QF+ in Masters and 9 times in Slams. Not all Quarterfinal matches are played on Centre Court necessarily, but it's a good base to go from. So we could put his base at 38 Centre Court matches. It is likely higher than this considering he's had matches in earlier rounds due to draws.

And of course in 250 and 500 tournaments the seeding could be significantly higher and so I think it's redundant as an otherwise outside Top 10 player would often find himself better placed due to absence of others.

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Coco Gauff is quickly becoming that person lol. There's hardly a tournament she plays where she hasn't gotten a big stage court this last couple or so years, just google browsing her name and tournaments right now :-D Shapo was the same (though he's now top ten). Though she'll make top ten sooner or later you'd think (highest rank #23)...

French 2019 - No big stage court
Wimbledon 2019 (breakthrough/noticed for first time) - Center
Washington 2019 - Grandstand, Stadium
USO 2019 - Athur Ashe
Linz 2019 - Center
Luxembourg 2019 - Center
ASB 2020 - Center
AO 2020 - Margeret Court, John Cain, Rod Laver
Lexington 2020 - Center
Cinci 2020 - Grandstand
USO 2020 - Louis Armstrong
Rome 2020 - Pietrangeli, Center
French 2020 - Suzanne Lenglen, Simmone Mathieu
Ostrava 2020 - Center
Abu Dhabi 2021 - Center
AO 2021 - John Cain, Rod Laver
Adelaide 2021 - Center
Dubai 2021 - Center
Miami 2021 - Grandstand
Charleston 2021 - Center
Madrid 2021 - Manolo Santana
Rome 2021 - Pietrangeli, Grandstand
French 2021 - Lenglen, Philippe Chatrier
Eastbourne 2021 - Finally doesn't player center
Wimbledon 2021 - Center Court
Canada 2021 - Center, Court Rogers
Cinci 2021 - Center
USO 2021 - Louis Armstrong in R1, faces Sloane next, that'll be a big stage court.

Honestly though, it might be someone like Santoro who never made top ten (longevity, played many big names, crowd fav, etc)
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