Playing On An Ultra Hard Court


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I joined up with a group of advanced (so called) players and we'll be playing together for the next 6 Sunday mornings. Great. The only downside is the is the absolute hardest hard court that I've ever played on. I believe the surface is pure concrete-and very shiny-with no sand or other materials under the surface to provide any "give".

The surface literally propels balls into the receiver. Heavy topspin and flat balls, once they hit the ground, seem to "explode" up into the body, and slice, once it hits that hard shiny surfce, just stays DOWN...really skims. This makes it it difficult to to track balls and get into the ideal position-at least until we've played a couple sessions on the court.

Question: Aside from early/earlier preparation and solid footwork, does anyone have any tips for playing or preparing to play on such a surface? Experiences? Successes-what worked, what didn't? Thanks.


I played on a court like this one time, and just one time so what I am saying is recalled from two or so years back. All I remember is that even though I was trying to get prepared early I was still continuously hitting late, so I had to adjust by forcing myself to start my swing just a tad bit earlier so I could catch the ball in front. That was the only way I could stop from hitting late.


Also I might add rotating your hips/shoulders a tad more seems to help a bit with getting "under" the ball and producing some nice pace off low balls, albeit with those conditions it sounds almost as if you were hitting on grass but worse.


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Unless you live in a town with only the one court, I would look for something better, even if I had to drive to the next town over. You could, also, chip n about $800.00 each and get it surfaced. Or (cheaper) try opening a couple cans of balls, the day before, to compensate for the slick/fast/poor quality of the court. It might work.