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    There was a study on top players, and it showed that most of them played tennis for less time each day than 3-4 hours a day when they were under 14.

    I believe it also showed that many/most? of the top players had significant exposure to other sports.
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    Had a somewhat similar situation in our family in a prior generation. Kid was good in both sports and liked both sports.

    Parental advice was that you can play tennis for the rest of your life, you'll only be able to get 18 players together for baseball for a few more years.

    Went the baseball route. Win-win.
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    Henin, Nadal, Fed and others loved soccer. Fed and Nadal played high level junior soccer until age 13-14. Roddick and Fish played high school basketball. Many top players played multiple sports as kids.

    Also a survey of top 100 players vs non top 100 players showed the top players actually spent less than 15 hours a week on tennis into their early teens while many lesser players were spending more time on tennis.

    In most cases the talent needed to be a top 100 player does not have to be fostered with more tennis as a child. They are very balanced people. Byran brothers were required to have a second passion which they had to spend as much time on as their tennis.
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