playing outside your game

Im Usually serve and volley with some agressive baseline play but today I was wiped and tired from school and I was playing a set with this pusher and I basically pushed back we had like a consistent 25+ ball rally ever time it was kinda fun because the set was for no reason. Is it bad like this to play outside your game for one day. My tennis pro said that i shouldn't do it again and he was pretty mad it was only 1 day does it matter?:confused:


i think it's a good idea to play outside of your style every once in a while to be a more rounded player. i see nothing wrong with practicing something you don't usually do- it'll help you out if you play someone and end up getting forced out of your comfrot zone and have to play a different style. to answer your question it won't make a difference at all if it's only for a day.


Well, today during practice I played a singles match with my doubles partner. It was pretty windy, so I wasn't having a good day. I started getting frustrated just baselining, which wasn't working. So I mixed it up a bit. I started to serve and volley, which got me more points. So yeah, it is good to play outside your game once in a while.