Playing Tennis and Golf



Hi, im a long time reader, first time poster.

I just wanted to know everyones opinion on problems I am currently having playing tennis and golf at the same time.

Before I started playing tennis about 6 months ago one of my friends (A grade tennis and off a short handicap) told me he cannot play both at the same time (as in weekly competitions, not literally) as one game ruins the other.

I play intermediate-class tennis and play off 24 in golf and exactly the same thing happens to me.

I find that playing tennis makes me hook the ball (and put topspin on it) more in golf and vice-versa in tennis (with the ball going miles over the back).

Anyone else have the same problem?


I've played both tennis and golf, and I have completely different mindsets for the two games. Definite boundaries. I mean, when I pick up a driver and a tennis racquet it's a completely different feeling.


I am a 4.0 in tennis and a 12 handicap in golf. Nothing about my tennis game negatively impacts my golf game (or vice versa) except the challenge of finding the time to do both. One of the guys that I play tennis with is a pro at our local course. One of the guys that I have played golf with is an assistant pro at the tennis center. You should be able to do both without any problem. Try the "boundaries" idea. When you play tennis, make sure that you are totally immersed in tennis thoughts. When you play golf the next day, make sure all you think about is golf. Make sure to go to the range and hit a few. If the hook is all you have, weaken your grip (assuming you know what this means) and try to control the club with your left hand rather than your right (assuming you are right handed). btw, this is only one of a gazzilion hints for fixing the hook, and the computer imposes to many limitations on me. Good luck, and as I like to say (and do), swing hard in case you hit it.


Thanks for the hints guys. I will try them out this week. I thought it may have been something a lot of people experienced but it sounds like it is just me.

One has to wonder if I would do it if my friend did not tell me it happens with him. Anyone have any other ways/techniques I can use to overcome this problem?


I am a 4.0 in tennis and 13 handicap in golf. My club tennis team of 12 players, over 1/2 of them are regular golfers. The two sports should not be mutually exclusive.


The only thing that bothers me about transitioning between the two is that I sometimes grunt (read: exhale loudly) when I hit a long iron or wood. Oh and I always wonder what it would be like to serve and volley on the green .