playtennis33, is an abusive seller!

Discussion in 'References' started by chempharm, Feb 7, 2012.

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    May 22, 2009
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    I offer $90 for a racket which he was asking $115 for, all he had to do was say yes or no. He then wrote me 3 straight emails talking trash and calling me names. I've been selling and buying on here for a long time and haven't seen behavior like this ever. Last time I'm ever looking to buy or sell anything from him.

    "I can do 95 shipped today
    My PayPal is"

    "I do not need to sell it and 95 is way more than fair the racket has been used twice just hitting around and you will never find one almost brand new for 90 dollars so if you cannot go up 5 dollars I am sorry but it's in perfect condition and worth way more than 95 which is what I will take"

    "Thank you for being so greedy I just sold it for what I was asking for I don't like to deal with shady people like yourself anyway, but thanks you being such a jackass made me money"
  2. playtennis33

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    Jan 29, 2011
    This guy is just upset that I wouldn't come down to 90 dollars
    Anyone will tell you that the Novak racket the newest model hit with only twice in perfect condition is worth at least the 115 I was asking this guy asks me if I will sell for 90 I tell him 95 shipped which is more than fair and he keeps bugging me over five dollars I have nothing but good references on here except for one guy who is just upset because things didn't go his way

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