Playtester Spotlight: GRANVILLE is serving us pancakes with a scalpel!

TW Staff


He's been a member of our Tennis Warehouse family for over 20 years! Listen in and hear what makes Granville Swope such a great playtester: from his Gran-isms to his competitive nature on the court, in this episode he talks all about everything from tennis and his start in the game and the industry to his passions off the court including astronomy and photography!

Granville's Playtester Profile:

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Happy Hitting!
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Cool episode and congrats to Granville for a wonderful career. I remember watching the Friday Doubles League back in the day, but now all I can find on YouTube is the finals. Do you know where the others went?


An enjoyable and entertaining episode on a TW institution. Lucky to live such a fulfilling life.
I think many would be interested learning about the history of Tennis Warehouse.