Please analyze my serve


looking good in several ways so I tip my hat....toss is good for your current leg drive, but should be a bit more into the court when you are strong enough to launch up the sliding board and into the court for that improved toss. One check point is to notice that your elbow never goes higher than your hand and this might be related to you dropping your elbow a bit low at trophy position. Biggest problem hurting what you have now is that your racket looks the be near vertical at impact, but should be tilted about 30 degr to your left due a proper angle created at the wrist for a proper grip on the handle. This would encourage long axis rotation of the arm/ pronation and allow you to get to the proper spot on the ball for contact. Good work though!


Serve looks pretty nice. Agree with above about leg drive as you get older and gain strength.

Tossing arm looks like it's in a weird position for a while, more to your right (toward the camera) but you seem to fix it before the swing through.

I would say that, unless you're having some sort of problem with it, keep it for the most part. Or get a certified coach to look at it rather than the interwebs.

We can be a great resource but people on here (myself included) will nitpick things that in the end often don't matter or give unclear advice that can ruin what's already a nice fluid motion.