Please comment on this racket, thanks


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(For ease of discussion I've decided to start a new thread re this frame. It's the Pro Kennex Boron Ace. Would appreciate any comments from all classic racket experts. Thanks in advance....)

I've taken some pictures of the Pro Kennex Boron Ace (Made In Japan). Please have a look and let me have your views, especially those who have knowledge of these frames.
What's interesting is that the plastic on the handle actually has some words printed in English and Japanese. This is what's printed:
"Pro Kennex by sufficiently analysing data collected throughout the world, still develop new creative rackets with the newest materials and advanced techniques. It was designed in USA, molded in Taiwan, and finished in Japan"
Marketing jargon of course, but if there was a smidgeon of truth in that, what was the "mold" they were referring to? Did any other rackets from other brands come out of these "molds"?