Please help me find my racquet guys!!

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Hewittfan22, Sep 14, 2006.

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    Hey guys,

    So i have been just buying so many different racquet over past couple of years, its all because i know this guy who can get me any racquets(brand new) i want for 100 dollars, so i have been basically "collecting" all these different kinds of racquets. Lets see i ve had wilson ncode 90,prince 03 tour mp,liquid metal prestige mid and mp, babolat pure drive plus and standard, yonex ti 50 and ti 50 long, yonex ti-80 old cosmetic version, yonex rdx 500 mid and babolat aero pro drive standard. Well i liked all these racquets , it had its advantage and disadvantage. I am so freaking confused what racquet i should play with, well i ended up getting rid of all these racquets on ****, execpt babolat aero drive and rdx 500 mid,i hit incredibly well with rdx 500 mid one night so i decided that im gonna stick to rdx 500 mid and was planning on getting few more rdx 500 but these past two nights ihave played with , i played bad, i mean really bad, i wasnt even hitting sweet spot. So i took out babolat aero pro drive and started hitting with it to get my rhythm back and i was actually playing well with it.
    Right now im thinking of demoing yonex ti-80 new cosmetic, i miss hitting topspin with ti-80 with rdx 500 mid i could hit it hard and flat but i wasnt able to hit well whenever i was trying to put lot of topspin on it, so there was less margin of error whenever i was playing with rdx 500 mid.
    Also when i was playing a match with rdx 500 mid i lost a match to someone i have never lost to in my life, so im F***ing pissed.
    I play with an extreme western forehand, i like to flatten the ball out but at times i would also like to put massive topspin like nadal and i hit two handed.
    Please help!!!
    anybody here plays with yonex ti-80 newer one? let me know how you like the racquet
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    Sorry, based on the title of this thread, I thought you couldn't remember where you left your racket and were needing help locating it.

    You might also like the FXP Radical Tour. It's really spin-friendly, but you can also get good control out of it if you string it tight. If you're looking to save money, you might try the TT Warrior MP. It's actually pretty good from the baseline for someone who provides the power; also quite spin-friendly.

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