please help me, new racquet for me...

Rafa Nadal

after 3months with the Prince O3 Tour i search a new racquet.

1. My Style of Play
I play most from the Baseline with fast strokes. Im not often at the net, i like to serve fast.

2. what should my racquet have?
My racquet should be have a good control at fast strokes. It should "helps" me a bit at the net and my at the moment bad forehand. And it sjould be a "Serveracquet".

I picked up a few racquets, that sounds interesting:
Head FXP Prestige MP
Head FXP Radical Tour
Babolat PD Roddick
Babolat Aeropro Drive (with Lead)

So what do you think whicj racquet would be fit most?
tell me something about the racquets please =)