Please Prince Textreme Beast Longbody, be everything I ever wanted....


I played the Bisner during a 1.5 hour doubles clinic this morning. I specifically want to test my extended-length demos in the context of doubles, since my concerns are mostly about the handling inside the court. I'm sure I can baseline bash with almost any of them. In short, I made the not-so-surprising discovery that I'm a lot smaller and weaker than John Isner. Overall I played okay with it, probably due to it being somewhat similar to my Beast 98. However racquet head speed and preparation were definitely issues. I lost a lot of topspin and ended up blocking a lot of balls back because I wasn't able to get ready in time for a full swing. Most surprisingly, I feel like I lost velocity on my serve; I just couldn't get a full windup and maximum swing speed that easily. I did land a couple big overheads and forehands when the conditions were right, but I definitely can't handle this frame for full-time duty, especially not in doubles. I still really enjoyed getting the chance to check out John's big weapon.