Please put these multis in order according to power

NXT16, NXT Power 17, NRG2 16 and 17, X1 biphase 16 and 17, HDX Tour 16 and 17, velocity 16 and 17, Tier1 Triumph 1.30 and 1.25. What would the least powerful plenty comfortable multi be?


Velocity 16 would be the firmest multi but still has comfort. For me even velocity is a bit springy in a full bed. Has slick stiff coating so works great in mains sliding on a poly cross at low tension. Gives me great spin but also the comfort not found in FB poly.


Provided gauges are similar:
X1 Biphase, NRG2, NXT Power, NXT, Velocity, HDX tour. I have no experience with Tier one Triumph.