Please suggest racquets to demo, switching from a MG Extreme Pro

I've been using Microgel Extreme Pros since a few months after I started playing tennis which has been around 10 months now. Back then, after demoing several racquets, I chose to buy the MG Extreme Pro because it offered me the power that I could not generate on my own and that was what was best for my game at that time.

Now, I am really looking to switch racquets. I find that the Microgel Extreme Pro is too powerful, lacks control, and lacks comfort and feel. The only thing I like about the Extreme Pro is the great spin I am able to achieve with it.

Recently, I have been playing with the Liquidmetal Radical MP and I feel like it is a really good racquet. I just love its consitency. It is very comfortable, has great control but also power when I need it, and it has great feel. The only problem I have with it is due to the 18x20 string pattern, I have to alter my strokes to achieve the topspin that comes easily with the Extreme Pro.

I basically need the Liquidmetal Radical MP in a 16x19 string pattern. I am looking for a racquet that has the consistency, control, feel, and comfort of the LM Radical MP and its 18x20 string pattern but also offers easy access to spin. Right now I am going to demo the following:

Head Microgel Prestige Pro
Head Microgel Prestige MP
Head Microgel Radical Pro
Head Microgel Radical MP
Babolat Pure Storm Tour
Donnay Pro One OS (TW Version)

Comments on these racquets or other racquet suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


the microgel radical MP is so comfy, it just feels really smooth and produces clean strokes whenever i use it, nothing wrong with radicals
Zidane, I read that the Tecnifibre TFight 320 V02 Max was extremely powerful. Is it still controllable without a lot of topspin?


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Zidane, I read that the Tecnifibre TFight 320 V02 Max was extremely powerful. Is it still controllable without a lot of topspin?

Actually, that's what the frame is built for. Grinding all day from the baseline with extreme topspin. Unfortunately, I hit flat, so I was having trouble keeping it in.


Ur gonna c a very big power drop in the MG Rad mp, it is a good stik but very low powered. MG Rad pro is nice and has a good mix of power and control, feel and spin are decent. The MG Prestige mp is an awesome stik with great control and feel, not to much power but i dont think ull lik the spin potential as much as a few of the others on ur list. Honestly the best stik on ur list for wat u lik is prob the PST. The PST offers good control, nice feel, has the power wen needed, is very comfy, and has lots of spin potential.

Srry 4got about the MG Prestige pro, nothing special honestly, shouldnt b called a Prestige. It had ok spin, good power, and enough feel to hit a decent touch shot, was comfy to.
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Ok, after reading about the Tecnifibre TFight 320 V02 Max a little more, I am really interested in it. Right now I plan on ordering the Head MG Prestige Pro, the Babolat Pure Storm Tour, and the Tecnifibre TFight 320 V02 Max to demo. But right now, I am still wondering about the Donnay Pro One OS. Is it really as good as the TW review says it is? I really don't know if it is worth demoing.


Is it really that big of a difference in power between the MG Extreme Pro and the MG Prestige and Radical lines? I was actually considering getting one since TW seems to be selling them cheap now.

As it says in my sig, I use the MG Prestige Mid. I don't plan on switching, but some days I feel like taking big cuts at the ball (as opposed to hitting it mostly flat like I do now), and was considering the Extreme Pro for it. The reviews sounded really favorable, but I still wasnt sure. You said that topspin comes easy with the you feel that trying to hit with even more top spin would help it stay in the court?

I've tried both the MG Prestige MP and Pro in the past. Between those, I preferred the Pro more. The MP just had a really strange feeling to me when I hit with it. In fact, I almost commited to buying the Pro last year before I demoed the Mid.
If you have the technique, the Extreme Pro allows you to keep the ball in the court with its great topspin potential. The problem for me is the racquet isn't very comfortable because since it is so powerful, it is necessary to string it with stiff strings at high tensions. Also, probably due to the type of strings you have to string it with, it doesn't have very much feel. The Extreme Pro is great for topspin baseliners and it is great when I hit topspin shots but, I do tend to hit flat sometimes and that is when my shots sail long. If you are interested in buying an Extreme Pro, I am selling mine in the Classifieds forum or you can contact me at albertkoy(at)gmail(dot)com.
I just tried the Pure Storm Tour, Microgel Prestige Pro, and the Dunlop Aerogel 4d 300 today. I like Pure Storm Tour and Microgel Prestige Pro but the Dunlop was too light. The Microgel Prestige Pro feels much more solid than the Pure Storm Tour and I am thinking it has the potential to be a really good setup for me. I am thinking of cutting out the multi and restringing the demo with Topspin Cyber Flash 17L at 52 lbs for more power and topspin. I played well with the PST but I'm not so sure if I like the soft feel.


You might also try the Dunlop AG300 16x18. Similar in all respects to your Radical except the SW and pattern. It is easy to add a bit of lead to get your desired SW. Spin monster with good control if strung appropriately. TW has the beam width wrong, it is a 20mm width, less than the AG300 16x19. Very nice racquet.