please vote: are these shoes green or yellow?


  • GREEN! >:(

  • YELLOW! >:(

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Al Czervik

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Great question. I give a slight nod to yellow. But, everyone says lemon lime flavored Gatorade is yellow and I think it's green.


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If you want one word, yellow or green, I'd say green. But if you just asked me what color it is, I would call it highlighter yellow.

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Was this the dying thought of the great Greek philosophers? Was this the great question Diogenes asked the world: are the New Balance MCH 996 H3 green or yellow? Time will tell.


The colors are primarily shades of green. The yellow accents throws the visual assessments off. If you take something like Elements or GIMP and replace the Yellow with White or Black, the Green stands out better. :p


Where does yellow end and green begin?

Isn't yellow a primary color? That would mean you can have yellow without green, but can't have green without yellow, so even if it's green, it's still yellow.

I voted yellow.