Although I'm already pretty explosive on the court, I would like to make it an undeniable advantage over others in my game that I can lean on when I'm in trouble. Since I don't have access to a gym, I can't do squats, or any other weightlifting involving weights over 120lbs (parent's won't buy me more, can't work yet), so I figured plyometrics would be the best way to achieve my goal. I tried it before, but had to quit due to Osgood Schlatter's, which has now subsided (for good, hopefully). Does anyone know of any plyometrics programs or regimens that work well?


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oh man i have the same thing as you jumpers knee ive tried doing this program air alert 3 search it on goggle in pdf form i had to stop by week 8 during a groin injury cause of no proper stretching
this program rocks its worth the 15 weeks!!!