srv vlly

I'm finally getting back into shape. Does anyone have any plyometrics workouts, or a site that has them. Thanks in advance


Talk Tennis Guru
Jumping rope is a good plyo exercise. Check the Sticky thread (Great fitness sites) at the top of this forum. There are probably a dozen of more plyo/power sites.

Il Mostro

I think plyometrics are OK for simply building more strength and explosiveness , but I would spend time on the more demanding tennis specific drills that include hitting the ball, "like windshield wipers". Between play and training, there is only so much time in the week and IMO combining more than one element is more efficient.

srv vlly

here's the thing though, i am currently at a d3 school transferring to d1 next semester and im far up north now with no indoor courts so i will be spending more time in the gym then the courts