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    Hi guys, I've searched a bit on this, but I want to get some opinions before I spend some money on a whole reel. I'm loving my POG MID setup with alu power and PSG orginal at 55 lbs right now, and definitely looking for something similar. I've been using a cheap polylon/gosen set up for the last 2-3 years, but now I want to spend a little bit more. The current alu power/psp setup is definitely wayyyyyyyyy better.

    Here's my problem, I'm undecided between Cyberflash 16g vs 17g. I'm using a POG (14x18 string pattern) so it's very open. However, my friend says that CF 16 g is trash compared to the 17g? Not sure I want to believe it. I would jump right away on his opinion, but with the POG being so open already, I'm afraid of 17g.

    I'm also debating between the CF and SPPP too. I'm hesitating on the SPPP because people have said that it is soft. How much softer do you guys reckon vs my lux/psg set up? i have never had tennis elbow before and I don't want to sacrifice feel due to the softness. I'm very comfortable with the lux/psg set up so I have no idea. Both CF and SPPP will probably be hybrid with micro og sheep or psg. I'm open to all suggestions because I haven't kept up with strings in a few years, but I'm looking to spend ~100 or so for a reel of poly and nothing more. Right now, it seems like it's not worth the 30 bucks for SPPP vs CF : /. But if CF 16g is indeed crap, then I will buy SPPP.I mean really though, anything will probably be better than my polylon and og sheep setup lol.

    ***Cliff Notes***
    1. Cyberflash 16g vs 17g for a POG?
    2. SPPP, how do you guys think it ranks in "feel" (due to softness) compared to lux? I hate the muted feeling....

    Thanks, all suggestions will help me!
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