Poll: Change in Width After Stringing Racquet

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  1. chang10is

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    Apr 3, 2004
    A few people have reported distortion in their racquets when stringing with a 2-point mounting machine. I thought creating a poll would be helpful to everyone who is thinking about buying a machine or might buy one in the future (that should be most people in this forum!). I'm hoping that this will become a good reference source for everyone, and it'll only take a minute of your time.

    The next time you restring your racquet, measure the width of the UNSTRUNG racquet. Make sure you pick 2 points that are easy to measure (i.e. try not to "eyeball" or guess where things line up with your measuring tape). Then after you're done stringing the racquet, measure the width again. You can measure from the outside of the racquet or the inside, as long as you do it the same way before and after stringing. One condition is that you don't use string patterns like around-the-world, different tensions for the mains and crosses, or anything else that would contribute to a distorted racquet shape. Hybrids are fine if you are stringing the mains and crosses at the same tension. String the mains first, and then the crosses (no 50/50 method).

    I'm going to limit the questions to only the most important ones to make this easy for everyone. This poll is really intended to see what happens with low-end 2-point mounting machines, but if you have a different kind stringer and still want to participate, more responses are definitely welcome!

    Stringing machine:
    Head size:
    Tension strung:
    Recommended tension range:
    Change in width (+/-):
  2. chang10is

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    Apr 3, 2004
    I'll go ahead and put up the first response:

    Stringing machine: ATS-SS2
    Racquet: Yonex SRQ-500 Long
    Head size: 105 sq. in.
    Tension strung: 50 lbs
    Recommended tension range: 45-55
    Change in width (+/-): + 3/16"

    By the way, if you're using flying clamps, keep in mind that most people say that they lose some tension from using them. Also, if you're wondering whether hybrids should be included in the poll, think of it this way: gut at 60 pounds stresses the frame exactly as much as kevlar at 60 pounds. It's like this popular riddle: which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? If you think there's something wrong with this logic, let me know.
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    Feb 22, 2004

    The simple fact is that lighter frames such as the Head Ti.s6 and Ti.s7 WILL show signs of distortion in that they will be slightly wider than when strung with a 6 point system. There are some who deny this and the makers of these machines wouldn't want this to become well known, especially those like Klipper who mainly manufacture 2 point systems. If you are stringing a POG or any other solid heavier weight racquet then a 2 point system is fine. Others will say that the difference is so small it really doesn't matter. But after seeing two racquets side by side each strung with different mounting systems, one a 2 point and the other a 6 point , the difference was easy to see.

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