Who wins the 2021 Monte Carlo Masters?

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James P

Interesting group of players get their shot at their first ATP 1000 title. Who do you think gets there in the end?


It must be Rublev, he needs the confidence to stop this madness and become the ATG that will dethrone Djokodal.


Bionic Poster
Rubles will sell high on Monday morning currency exchanges. He’s 3-0 h2h vs Ruud and won the one clay final (Hamburg’20) he played vs Tsits. If Evans were to sneak through the SF he may not be able to deal with Angrey Andrey’s pace on Sunday.


Voted for Rublev but Evans must hold his head high as he has not put his foot wrong neither has Ruud. My message for Evans: C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon :-D


Hall of Fame
Heart says Dan and ignoring the head.

There should be a lot more of this going on around here.

Now that Rafa’s been sent back to his boat, let the Ruud vulture send Rubles packing to give us the seaside final we all deserve:


The OHBH boys have gotta put together a cover of this one.