Poll: Most demanding Slam?

Which is the toughest of the four Slams?

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Imagine if FO was played in the heat of AO. Or the wind of USO. If you haven't been to Flushing Meadows before, the wind HOWLS there, plus the on court temps can reach 120F on a hot day. The wind actually helps cool things down.


If the question is what is the most demanding Slam, then it implies (to me) a physical component. It could also mean demanding from a schedule and mental standpoint.

I think all 4 majors are tough to win for a variety of reasons. Surface and experience are big factors, as is preparation, confidence, and health.

Overall, if you take into account the physical nature of the tournament, the emotional and mental toll of the event, I would say the US Open.

I certainly understand how physically demanding the French Open is, because the grinding nature of the points and matches.

Wimbledon is challenging because there are so few grass court events, and you must be able to adapt quickly and keep your nerve.

I think the heat factor in Australia is a little over rated. It is hot in January but the scorching heat from this year is an anomaly. One of the toughest things about the event is that it is at the start of the tennis season, not everyone is physically or mentally prepared.

The US Open is the toughest because the surface is tough on the body, especially after nearly 9 months of play. The weather can be a challenge too. Scheduling tends to be crazy, and both the men and women must play semis and finals on back-to-back days.

No slam is easy. When you look at players who have won each of the majors, I do see a number of "lesser" players who triumphed at the French and Australian versus Wimbledon and US Open. Starting w/1988 when the Slams were staged at their current venues and time frame. When you look at the US Open, you tend to see the best of the best win there.
Just MHO.