Poll: Three Favorite/Most Important Masters?

Poll: Three Favorite/Most Important Masters?

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I guess you don't know the history behind Cincy being called the 5th slam on here
From what I remember, Miami was considered the fifth slam by some, not Cinci. I NEVER considered either the fifth slam. Also, I can't imagine why a Nadal fan would consider Cinci a slam as Rafa has only won it once, whereas, Roger has won it 7 times.



Monte Carlo, Rome, Canadian

Most important:

Indian Wells, Rome, probably Canadian, but first two shine the most.


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Favorite Indian Wells, Monte Carlo, Rome

Most important: Indian Wells, Rome...............then arguably one of Miami, Cincy, Canada, Shanghai, Monte Carlo....I think basically everyone regards Paris and Madird as least important.
Poll: Three Favorite/Most Important Masters?

Just curious what people think. Saw elsewhere many people don't even rank Masters equivalently.
Its Indian Wells and Rome top 2. That is universally agreed.

3rd is more debatable. Id say either Canadian Open or Madrid 3rd.

Miami has sunk to bottom after the move from crandon Park. Cant take an event seriously where the centre court is a box in a NFL stadium.


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Zverev and Murray having Rome while Federer doesn't (n)

Serves Fed right for losing the 2003 final to Felix Friggin' Mantilla!

In its first 15 years as a Masters 1000 (1990-2004), 12 different players won the title. In the last 15 (2005-19) there have been just 4 different champions with Nadal and Djokovic accounting for 13 of the titles.