POLL: who is your favorite top ten male player (sorry Shaolin for copying you)

Who is your favorite...only one choice!

  • Federer

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  • Roddick

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  • Hewitt

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  • Safin

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  • Moya

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  • Coria

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  • Henman

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  • Agassi

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  • Nabalndian

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  • Gaudio

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Federer is winning in a land slide. Just goes to show you how many "pullers" are on this site.


The Pusher Terminator said:
Its surprising how bad Roddicks popularity is in comparison to his ranking.
well he has the 2nd most (as of now) votes so that matches his ranking....
1. Sorry perf...didnt know you did this last week. Who won? ; and

2. Roddick is no longer in second place...so I am not sure that he is the "American it boy"...a lot of people really seem to dislike the guy...especially in the U.S....... If he were British he would be loved in England...if he were Spanish he would be loved in Spain...and if he were French he would be loved in France.....but here in the U.S. he is not quite as loved.....in fact Federer, Safin, and Moya are more popular in the U.S. than Roddick is. I bet by the end of this poll even Henman will beat out Roddick.
Andy may very well be the most unpopular relatively well behaved US #1 that has ever existed...maybe Connors and Mcenroe beat him out in that regard.....but they behaved like real jerks at the time. Do American champs all have to be quite as boring as Sampras and Agassi to be loved? When Agassi had hair and was a wild man many people disliked him....he changed his attitude and his appearance and viola...he is loved. What do you guys think?


I don't think Federer, Safin or Moya are more popular in the U.S than Andy. His unpopularity seems only obvious among those people who watch or play lots of tennis. Generally I would say he is relatively popular in US or elsewhere.

For me, it's Federer. Nobody plays tennis like he does, no idea how he is like off court but I like how he carries himself on court. Most importanly still the tennis he plays, freaking awesome.


Pusher Terminator--
Actually you werent copying me because I never posted one of these threads. The last one was by El Mago.
BTW my fav. top ten player is Fed, then Safin and Moya.