Poll: Who will retire with the more distinguished clay court career?

Pick one:

  • Dominic Thiem

  • Casper Ruud

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Could be Casper because of the age. You just have to wait out Djokodal at this point, then a lot of players could win FO. Its far from certain Thiem will be back to where he was.


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I saw Ruud for the same reason. Only thing is, he can sometimes be overpowered. Can't say the same about Thiem.

Also, Ruud might have to contend with Alcaraz or Rune, at some point. Not to mention the Italian Brigade.

Third Serve

Ruud is a pretty good claycourter, but he really strikes me as a perennial top 15 or 20 type of player. Plus, as the other guy mentioned, he may have to contend with the likes of Alcaraz (who could well be a threat on the surface — time will tell) in the future. I don’t see him passing Thiem’s accomplishments on clay, though maybe he could wind up winning a Masters where Thiem has failed.


Thiem is a slam winner, Ruud isn't (at least yet). My money's on Ruud never winning a slam more than winning 1 + enough other stuff to outdo Thiem.

Whoops. Clay court. So Ruud needs a RG final... I still take Thiem.


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Thiem will be a higher level. He would just be stopped by Djokovic and mainly Nadal yet Casper when he is Thiem age won’t have to worry about Djokodal or any greats so he might end up with the better resume