Poly and sub 10 oz. Racquets

Capt. Willie

Hall of Fame
Chris, I know from other posts you say not to use poly strings in sub 10 ounce racquets. I was wondering what your opinion was on very soft polys.....something like Twice Shark? Or is that still too stiff for light weight racquets?

TW Staff

I would still recommend going with a control oriented multi or at the very least hybrid the poly with something forgiving.

Hitting inside the sweetspot the softer polys like Twice Shark will feel nice and comfortable. However, it is the potential for shock on off center hits that is the issue. I'm not saying you are going to go out and get tennis elbow, but you are certainly increasing the risk of injury -- in the wrist tendons especially.

Some good strings to try for added control and spin without going to a poly would include:
Alpha Gut 2000
Wilson Optimus
Head Reflex MLT
Babolat Origin (offers great control and spin potential while still being comfortable at high tensions)

Chris, TW