'Poly Gut'??

Ok. Needed a quick restring at a tournament, I guess my request got lost in translation as the frame came back with a bright green monofilament of some sort.

Seemed ok, nice feel, consistent string bed but not a lot of spin.

Anyway, I went to find the stringer who told me it was 'Poly Gut' and he used it all the time.
(You can see how my request for a poly/gut hybrid got me into this!)

Anyway, does anyone know what this stuff actually is?, what brand? Anything?

It's green, probably 17 gauge but maybe 16


It could be a Toalson.

I haven't come across a green one, but Toalson offers its Polygut in various colors.

Tourna also has Polygut but it's a hybrid of natural and blue, so that's definitely not it.