Poly recommendation for RF97

Hey all. Just need a quick tension recommendation for a full bed of poly in the RF97. I currently play a gut/poly hybrid where the gut (VS Touch) is in the main @ 57 lbs and poly (RPM Blast) in the cross @ 54 lbs. I am looking to put in a full bed of Hyper G and was wondering what tension I should string it at. Should I string the main and cross at the same tension or have a difference like my gut/poly hybrid? From what I understand the difference in main and cross is to allow for more movement and therefore more spin potential.

I've played the Hyper G before in a Pure Strike 16x19 @ 55 lbs which was ok but it started feeling better after breaking it in. I like the current hybrid setup but just curious how the RF97 would play with a full bed of poly and thus my experiment. Thanks!
when i have a 16/19raket pattern i go 2 lbs difference for comfort and control (my personal preference)
i personally would start with 52lbs mains/50lbs crosses
that should be comfortable and not too loose
I play with with VS Touch/Kirsch Max power (57/54), VS Touch/RPM Blast (57/54), but mostly full bed RPM Blast 17 at 48-50# without any differential. I really like the full bed RPM option, but when I think I will need more power I switch to hybrid setup. The transition is seemless to me beside additonal juice hybrid gives me.