Poly - single core - multi


Would you say that single core synthetic gut is between poly and multi strings in terms of power? in general?

Why I am asking is that I used to normally play with multis (NXT, Sensation, Biphase), then I tried poly (Hurricane, Plasma) and it was great - more spin, more control. But I have some reservations regarding my elbow.
Would it be going to single core strings (say, PSGD/Gosen OG Sheep Micro) like golden mean, less power than multi but not as harsh as poly?

Thanks for any comments.


Try a hybird of a thin poly for the mains and a solid core nylon for the crosses. If you feel the slightest twinge in the elbow, try a solid core main\multi. Remember to change one variable at a time.


Try Triax 16ga at whatever tension you liked poly in. I've played with full bed Triax at 45lbs and it was great. 9/10. I ordinarily use full poly.