(Poly String) Big Banger Ace and Big Banger ALU



First question post here??? Help with your opinion everybody....

I play with Wilson Ncode 6.1 95, string with Big Banger Ace 18 at 57lbs, love the feel, control, but i am a frequence string breaker so it broke it in 10 hrs of play (around 1 1/2 play)...

Then, try Big Banger ALU 16, Regular and Rough version both string at 57...
it last longer, 2 months :D but lost the feel a little...

Both of this strings are good because they don't move, and i hit with lot of topspin so i like it alot...

i know that BB Ace is softer...and i like it a big soft, and more feel...

My question is? Is there a softer poly that play similar to this 2....

From reading the post in here....some people suggest?
Pro Hurricane 17,
Unique Big Hitter 17 --> would like to try this, is this softer poly than BB???
what else???

Thanks for all your comment :D



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I know this does not answer your question directly, but I have used BB ALU mains and BB ACE crosses and it feels wonderful. I had a similar problem all ALU hurt my arm, all ACE felt too soft. With this hybrid though you will have tons of control and a nice springy feel. When I tried other non polys in the crosses like psg, the job lost alot of the spring(or pop), which is why I like ALU in the first place.


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ten ain't long at all man, i get 4-10 from my strings. i use duraflex in an 18x20 pattern. at ten hours, unless budget is an issue, play with what feels good


thank guys, maybe i will try the hurrican 17 and Big Hitter 17 :D .. Too cold right now in the Northwest to hit outside, hihihi....need to wait a few month, don't get a change to hit indoor much :(