Poly Tour Pro Vs Hyper G


I thought I would do a review comparing both of these strings which may be helpful for others who are looking to try out these strings.

Strings are both 1.30mm/17g

Firstly I string both strings on the same day at 25k/55lbs on the first generation Babolat Aeropro Drive, which I have added 6g lead at 12 and 3 at the buttcap.

My playing style - Baseline, semi western grip, 2HBH, like to play with topspin, I would like think I am a strong 4.0-4.5 player.

Stringing - Poly Tour Pro was a lot more easier to string it's easier to weave and it's not as stiff as Hyper G. Hyper G is a lot more stiff and not as flexible.

Playing - So I first used this in a mens social night at the club where I play and I was impressed with the Poly Tour Pro, it felt nice coming off the racket and gave everything you could want from a string. It's an all rounder.

In the next few days I used them both in a match against another club.
Again poly tour pro to start with and same again, it has power, but it has control, not as much feel but it's
OK, Spin is decent as well so was quite happy with it again.
Hyper G I used the first time and to be honest the first time using I didn't like it. I felt it was just too stiff maybe 55lbs was too high, but it didn't show any good characteristics like spin, control etc.
I went back to the poly tour pro to finish the match after 8 games.

A few days later gave another go with both but this time it was practice, drills..

I decided to just stick with Hyper G and not use the poly tour pro this time

It felt better then the last time I used it, so I was unsure maybe just might not of been playing good at the time... This time round I felt good hitting the ball, could feel the ball jump off the court whilst it landed generating that topspin and backhand was doing well.
I played for about an hour just hitting balls cross court and from the backhand side cross court and I felt good with the shots I was hitting they were landing in and I could get good control of the shots, not as powerful as Poly Tour Pro.

Played in a match today and used Hyper G again just to see how it goes, this time it was on artificial clay (Our club has hard courts)
I really enjoyed playing with it, ground strokes were good, spin was good, control was good also..

To sum up so far,
The poly tour pro is more powerful so when you are on the stretch and you don't give much of a swing (racket head speed) it does help, where as the Hyper G on the other hand it's stiff, so you have to do more work with it.
Serving - I preffered the poly tour pro, I felt more control with the serve, just felt better coming off the racket tbh,
Groundstrokes - I have to say there is no clear favourite, this is because although poly tour pro feels that little bit better, it's more spingy, where as the Hyper G you can swing with it a bit more and it's not as springy.
Spin - I don't think Hyper G has extremly good amount of spin, but I was say it's better than average. Better than the poly tour pro.
Volleys - To be honest I think both are about the same


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Perhaps you could try Hyper-G/PTP hybrid and see if you like it that way?

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I found Hyper G to have better control, spin, and tension maintenance than PTP. PTP offered more power and much more comfort.