Polyester Connoisseurs Thoughts?


Hi Guys,

I've read alot of posts regarding polys and peoples thoughts on them. I am moving to the Pro Staff 95s (From the standard Pro Staff 95) Where I used Lux 4G Mains at 54lb and Wilson Sensation at 59lb and I briefly tried RPM Blast (Full Bed) at 55lb and really enjoyed the spin I was getting however it did lose tension quite quickly.

Now I'm not an amazing player by any stretch but I do no like the feel of a full bed of syn/muti string it feels too mushy for my liking and I struggle to get any spin or power (Its most likely in my head). I would say I have a sensative wrist and elbow so I don't want a overly firm poly I found RPM blast comfortable with two over grips. I'd like a poly that is somewhat soft that can enhance my spin potentional and has a little bit of life in it.

So far I've liked the look of Solistace Power 17 or Lux Savage Lime.

Anyone care to lend some thoughts?
Solstice Power is a solid string and should give you plenty of spin in a 95s. I can't give any feedback on Savage, but Hyper-G is another great option with good tension maintenance.