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Discussion in 'Strings' started by Irvin, Oct 6, 2008.

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    The tennis warehouse site states:
    Polyester - a very durable string designed for string breakers-not much power or feel. Polyester strings became very popular with ATP players, because it provides added durability, doesn't move and "deadens" the string bed. While this isn't a desirable feature for most recreational players, it is for many of today's ATP and (some) WTA players. They're bigger, stronger, swing faster and use more powerful rackets than players from the past. Often used in hybrids, combining polyester mains with softer synthetic or natural gut mains. This offers the durability benefits of polyester, while reducing the stiff, dead feel. Also easier to string than 100% polyester. Not recommended for beginning players or players with arm injuries.

    I have seen post after post on this forum where polyester strings break because of shearing. My question is why would anyone want to use a string that is supposed to last longer that breaks sometimes before you ever get a chance to hit with it?

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    PS - I am using Dunlop Explosive Polyester 17 Ms / Wilson K Gut 16 Xs in my Prince Hybrid Tour racket. Right now I like it but let it fail me and you will see a 600' reel of Dunlop Explosive Polyester 17 on ****. I have done three hybrid string jobs with it hence 600' reel.
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    Polyesters, when the break, usually break because the mains are sawing into the crosses, or some type of similar cause. That's not to say that it doesn't last long...They break very rarely, and quite frankly, you'd want to restring it way before you break them because they go dead. However, for a period of time, polyesters hold tension very well.
    If you've heard hybrids with polyester breaking a lot, its usually because the polyester is so stiff that it quickly saws into the gut (or other string) quickly.
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    Aug 1, 2006
    i am assuming your asking strictly about the shearing part of poly, so heres my take:

    even though poly sometimes shears, if you hit the ball anywhere other than right where the string meets the grommets you're gonna get better durability. so i think that most people who play it are willing to give that one shearing break every now and then for the feeling and durabilty you get out of poly.

    plus, if you're really worried about shearing it before you even get to play it, theres a very simple fix for that. ;)
  4. rabidturtle

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    Aug 26, 2008
    Unlike synthetic gut, poly isn't flexible, so if you miss-hit often and really hard, then it will break. If you're a good enough player then you shouldn't worry about shearing, since you'll be hitting the ball in the sweet spot every time, of course this is if you're good enough.

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