Polyfibre Hightec Premium


Hi Guys,

So just last week I strung up my Ti80 with Hightec Premium at 51lbs. This won't be an indepth review, just some breif descriptions of my opinion.

So, this string is soft! Quite possibly the softest poly I've hit. It was a little mushy at this tension but not bad.

Power is good. I would not rank it up there with Polystar Energy, but still some good power.

Feel/touch: Great! After a little adjustment, slices were on the mark. Lobs and drops were on the mark.

I'm just thoroughly impressed with this poly. I have a somewhat sensitive arm too, and I've had zero discomfort. The only difference is I did run this using 2 overgrips, which does seem to dampen more vibration. Gotta love the pastel blue color too!

Has anyone else out there hit this string? I'm interested in your findings.
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