PolyStar Energy - Is it still relevant?


I haven't really been keeping up to date with strings as much as I used to, but I remember a few years back PolyStar Energy was being hyped up as one of the better polys. Is it still relevant, or are there better strings out on the market now? I've never tried it and am wondering if after waiting so long if it is even worth it.


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Polystar Energy is an extremely soft, stretchy poly that packs a pretty good punch. The biggest knock against it is the lack of tension maintenance, but if you string for yourself, that may be a non-issue. As for its relevancy, no one can answer that but you. It's pretty inexpensive, so give it a go and see what ya think.


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Very unique and amazing string with greet feel but tension stability isnt the greatest.. Worth a shot however, especially if you restring racquets yourself.


Thanks for the answers, guys. If it drops off that quickly I'm going to keep putting off trying it out. With that kind of drop, one could just play with a multi until it breaks and get the same playability IMO.
Even with my dislike of poly, I found PolyStar Energy incredibly soft, powerful, comfortable and spinny. It has seriously challenged my devotion to syn gut :oops:

Since your signature stated "Team Stringer", I assume you string yourself. To mitigate tension loss, you could:

(a) if using an electronic machine, set 10-15% prestretch, use the fastest pull speed and let it pull at least 5 seconds before clamping,

(b) if using a crank machine, crank twice or thrice (or more) hard and fast with a 5 seconds pause between cranks, and

(c) if using a dropweight, raise the arm and release it gently at least twice or thrice until it stops creeping and stays parallel.

Using this method, 50-55 lbs in a 16x19 or 18x20 worked very well.

A beginner I strung for, tensioned in the mere low-40s lbs, clocked 40+ hours and it was still holding up very well. I just tried it around the 40 hours mark. No trampoline with still very good control.