Possible Frame Damage

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Paul_1993, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Paul_1993

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    Dec 14, 2006
    Hi, recently on a racquet that I purchased a couple of weeks ago I have noticed that the racquet has chipped abit on the inside of the frame around one of those cylinder shaped things that the string goes through (I don't know what they are called), can anybody please tell me if this will have any affect on the racquet?

    Also could someone please post a diagram of a racquet so I am more familiar with what the parts are called for any future difficulties.
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    For the diagram, go under TW's learning section. You'll find all the info you need.

    About the frame damage, yeah, there's a bit, but not severe enough to have any effect. The way you get damage there is when your grommets (the little circly things the string goes through) get cracked and the string rubs directly on the graphite. As you may have noticed, graphite isn't particularly strong, and with a string pulling on the graphite @ whatever your string tension is, you'll have some problems with the graphite. I'd recommend getting those grommets replaced .
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    Sometimes the paint can chip because there was too much of it near the grommet in the first place. And, when the string is tensioned, the grommet leans into it and it flakes off. To be sure, take it to a professional stringer to see whether or not the grommet has "worn through" to where the string is rubbing against the graphite. You may not need a grommet replacement in that case.

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