Possibly a Win/Win Situation?


AP said:
BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) -ESPN and The Tennis Channel will share U.S. cable TV and multimedia rights for the French Open and Australian Open through 2011 under an agreement announced Tuesday.

In August, The Tennis Channel bought the U.S. cable TV rights to the French Open previously held by ESPN. With the new deal, The Tennis Channel will air more than 100 hours of the clay-court Grand Slam, while ESPN2 will have 55 hours.
Beginning with the 2008 Australian Open, ESPN2 will continue as the main network from Melbourne; it's aired more than 120 hours of the tournament in recent years. The Tennis Channel will now be able to show up to 100 hours of that tournament when ESPN2 is not on the air. ESPN2's airing of Serena Williams' upset of Maria Sharapova on Friday night drew a 1.9 rating, the highest ever for the Australian Open women's final. The previous best was the 1.5 rating in 2005, when Williams beat Lindsay Davenport.

It looks like those who can't get The Tennis Channel may have gotten a reprieve of sorts. And, those of us who do have it may just get some doubles action according to the above quoted story from the AP.

I think this is good. I was also suprised to see that the women's final drew a better than average rating.


Please don't take my FO away from me just because I can't get TTC....I would be very sad...sniff sniff sniff and cry....a lot:(

Moose Malloy

Anyone know what the rating was for the men's final??

Probably close to 0, since it was on at 3:30 am. 1.9 is also kind of a joke, reruns of Full House probably get higher ratings(time zone difference doesn't make ideal tv watching)

But regardless, for the last 15 or so years, outside of finals involving Agassi, women's slam finals on average get higher ratings than men. It really is hard to diagree with their programming decisions, since the ratings don't lie.

edit: Just saw the ratings in another article posted here:
"Australian Open final produced a mere 0.5; an afternoon replay did considerably better, but still produced a slim 0.9, which means fewer than 900,000 households watched Federer’s victory in (our) daylight."

So Serena more than doubles Federer's ratings. I imagine it would be even wider margin at Wimbledon & US Open, since those events are more widely watched in the US.
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ty slothrop

.5 on the 3:30 AM EST broadcast, and .9 on the rebroadcast. pretty anemic, and not surprising that ESPN is winding down their exposure. but given that tennis is more of a "prestige buy" for advertisers, I am guessing that ESPN can command greater margins than most other programs with similar ratings.


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I switched from Cablevision (who I found acts as if they are doing you a favor by providing their service and ignored constant requests for TTC) to Verizon FIOS mostly for access to TTC so it is good news for those who can't get that access.

Now what I'd like to see is some sort of true HD broadcast of the other majors like USA did with Universal HD at last year's USO.

I got spoiled watching tennis in digital hi-def in all its glory on my 73", 1080P Mitsubishi monolith that I somehow convinced "the boss" at home was more or less "necessary".

Shot spot? Schmot-Spot. If Fed doesn't like the challenge system I'll call the lines for him, from my living room.

The first night I watched I thought my home theater sound was on the fritz until I muted the sound and realized that the background noise I was hearing was that of angels singing. Ooooooo Baby!