Possibly the greatest car commercial of all time?


I don't know about the commericial, but automated emergency braking is a great feature that everyone buy with their cars. My wife has it is our Outback and I won't buy another car that doesn't have this.


The greatest car commercial ever was also considered one of the most important commercials in the entire history of TV advertising -- the "ever wonder how the guy who drives the snowplow GETS to the snowplow" Volkswagen commercial back in the 60s or 70s. It was one of the first artsy soft-sell commercials that didn't hawk the product in a direct way, or even mention the product specifically.


Good thing they worked out the bugs on the automatic brake system before the commercial aired? I hope so anyway!!
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Saw it watching the US Open last night in Canada...

There is nothing about the XC60 in this commercial at all, except for the emergency stop at the end. Tell me about the vehicle and it's features....don't try to tug at my heart strings!
I may be in the minority, but I find the commercial to be a turnoff. Volvo and I both know their number one concern is profit. While there's nothing wrong with that, I don't appreciate them pretending otherwise.