Post-pandemic Tennis Camps in Florida


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My wife and I are traveling to Florida in the next couple of weeks and wanted to sign up for a tennis camp (2-3 days). There are a couple of threads about camp quality from a couple of years ago, but nothing recently, and I expect the pandemic has thrown things off, a bit.

Has anyone attended the big name camps recently, such as IMG, Saddlebrook, Drysdale/Amelia Island, GiGi Fernandez, Matchpoint?


Nope sorry, but what FL locations/cities are you staying in, and what are your tennis playing levels / ratings?
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both of us are 3.5 - 4.0 range
ah OK - i run Clinics/Lessons in Tampa, but all players are usually less than 3.0.

Recently got a Slinger Bag tennis ball machine but charge more to pull that out for clinic/lesson.
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At this point, we're flexible. We can drive to any city, Jax, Orlando, Tampa the most likely regions.
You can probably "drop in" on some of the clinics they are doing at the USTA campus in Orlando, was there recently and looked into that, check their website.