Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

Tell us about the fitment? Also what size?
They are both size "M" which I like but they are too fitted for my likes. I like roomy shirts but these are not too roomy for me. If you want more info bro email me at dramakillah11 at gmail dot com. I don't want TW to get mad at me lol.


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Im pretty sure thats electric green.
Babolast, the packaging says color code 344. I looked it up on ************** and it's either Sprinter Green (Not) or Stadium Green. On TWE it's Stadium Green on Nadal's Rush and Crush Top too.

But you're also right, ************** calls it Electric Green.


Sorry peeps not looking to sell any.

rodgeur i'll look for that shirt, saw it being still available at a store awhile back will let you know if i do.
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