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Best racquet that I ever played with, hence my view that is best racquet ever made. At one moment (almost 15yrs ago) I had 6 of them. Some are sold during oldness, I broke one (one and only racquet I ever broke, still mad at myself about it) two got cracks by them self’s and I have only this one left. If I could get them new, would still played with them on hard courts. But I can’t, and now playing 99% of the time on clay, so …


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Nice, are these 95s.?
Yes; the left one is strung with Völkl syngut at 20/19kg. Played with it yesterday and I can really feel the frame bend on impact, especially on return.
I think I made a total of three return errors in a 6-7 (5-7) set. And the return (on indoor carpet) is my weakest shot usually. I've got so many racquets but really feel I could use this one exclusively now...


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Found these two in the garage with some other old stock. MG radicals weighted to 343 with lead in the hoop and tac in the handle. Full bed of TS Cyber Blue at 51 and Wilson Pro overgrips. Had forgotten I had them and criminal to have left them to gather dust. They will be put through their paces tomorrow.

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Bit of an eclectic assortment I’ll admit. The pure drive came first, as our local shop only carries Babolats (all 16 members of our main competing team use them), and hapless me scooped it up and before long there came a reason for my username. The donnay formula was to ween me off of the tweezers while my tendons healed, but it really exceeded my expectations in areas like touch and feel.
The Wilson ultra fpk and ProStaff 7.5 both require weight in the hoop and tend to play better with flatter, cleaner strokes. Picked up the Wilson odyssey and the Tad Davis Imperial at a Goodwill in Seattle, and the former is a dream to play with. They’re both brought out when I want to make an opponent feel bad for losing to an outdated racquet.
Prince Graphite Comp 90 is a recent acquisition, and can hit a really mean ball. MG Radical and ProStaff 100 were decrepit and languishing in the bottom of a van, so I took them home for rehabilitation. Might hang onto the radical. Currently the Angell TC100 is my match stick, as it’s just oh so pretty to look at.
In the future I’d like to be able to pick up a TC95 or 2, a graphite pro 90, and maybe an 89.5” Head stick.

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My most used string setup is Luxilon Big Banger Original 1.30mm, 56/54 lbs, but now I'm trying the Alu Power Ice Blue 1.25mm and I think I'll switch...took off the replacement grip, I'm using 2 Wilson overgrips on a bare handle. 12g of silicone in the handle to compensate, 4g of lead at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock...bumped the swingweight to 360 with a static weight of 342g (strung). Balance is 33cm strung.